Water Treatment Specialist

We built a full house reverse osmosis system based on a well. This system also provides water for irrigation.

We built a whole house reverse osmosis system which would be stored inside of a cargo container.

Project Description

We designed a system for a brewery that was able to treat their waste product and repurpose it for irrigation instead of it being put into the sewer. We managed to do this by reducing their BOD (biological oxygen demand)  along with other methods of treatments to accomplish this.


Egg Proccesing Plant

We were able to take their waste product and turn it into their irrigation water. We were able to do this by decreasing their BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and other teatment methods.

Cal Fire Project

We revamped their existing system by replacing most of their equipment with more up to date equipment.



West Pak Avocado Plant

We installed a reverse osmosis system with ozone for the avacado facility

Chicken Farm

We installed a reverse osmosis system for their well water to remove high levels of sodium chloride

Portable Water Store

We built a mobile water store equipped with a 550 gallon water tank with an R/O system